New look website! Whoooop!

September 22, 2013  •  4 Comments

Hi everyone! Well, it's only been a year since I wrote here. Quite a year, I must say, I'm not quite sure what happened to it, but the good news is that my back catalogue is now in much better shape that it was, and now I'm ready to crawl back out of my processing cave, stumbling and blinking into the sunlight to see what my next adventure will be! There's so much to choose from...

New look front page! Exciting, huh?

So, what's new? Well, first of all there have been a few changes around here. A cleaner, crisper front page, a new web address, more images to see, all available as prints... that's a pretty good start! Coming soon I will have detailed photo stories about the projects I have been working with, many of the images are already available on my 'Projects' page... even more excitingly, I am currently putting together some beautifully crafted audio slideshows to bring you the sights and sounds of my adventures. That, along with some behind the scenes videos, will bring you all deep into the world of a conservation photographer, in which you will meet the many characters who are working tirelessly to save their corners of our fragile spaces. 

I will also be using my website to bring you more news from the field, which, combined with my twitter feed (@walmswild), will keep you informed with where I am and the fascinating subjects I have found to point my lenses at. There are also a few announcements that will be coming very soon, some of which are more exciting than I can really explain... just keep in touch, ok? Good! 

So, I will leave you to browse some of the new bits in peace, please let me know what you think. All the photos look best full-screen, be sure to click those slideshow buttons and sit back, preferably with a cup of tea in hand...


Fantastic photos. They look great on a large TV!
New website is great. Keep up the good work!
Brilliant work!
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