A day in the life...

May 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Selamat pagi! Good morning! Or good day. Or night. Delete as appropriate.

Today I thought I would give you time, space and peace with your thoughts by simply showing you some recent photos with nothing more than a basic caption for company. This, I feel, will give you some idea of what it has been like to spend time with these animals, lying on the ground with a camera in hand, looking into the personality and character of each individual and trying to understand the life that he or she is living. So go on, treat yourself to five minutes away from your daily hustle and look into someone else's... the similarities are uncanny...



A pause for thought...sometimes simply contemplating one's toes can be quite therapeutic...




Peace at last... a mother's life is a busy one




If I'm awake, it's playtime! Play is so important to young macaques for building skills and social bonds




Play can sometimes be boisterous though - although the teeth are bigger, it's just like kids in a paddling pool!




Sometimes we all just need some me time though.


Thanks to everyone for your amazing comments and feedback through Facebook and email, it means so much to me having the support from people back home. I hope that my images can give you an insight into a new world and see our cousins in a new light - as always, if you would like more information about Sulawesi crested black macaques and to find our how you can help these Critically Endangered primates, please visit the Selamatkan Yaki website. We are planning a few events for the coming weeks, all the info and photos will be with you as soon as I know it!


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